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The passive voice: Self-study exercises intermediate – 3 Answer Key 1 1-be made 2-be knocked 3-be checked 4-be woken 5-be translated 6-be found 7-be spent 8-be carried 9-be driven. 2 1-This road isn't very often used/ isn't used very often. 2-A new ring-road is being built round the city. 3-I didn't realize that our voice was IMPERSONAL PASSIVE - ADELINA ACOSTA GARCÍA Continuamos desarrollando algunos temas relacionados con el uso de la Voz Pasiva. En esta ocasión hablaremos sobre otra forma de Voz Pasiva denominada Impersonal, que se caracteriza por utilizar verbos relacionados con la percepción (Verbos Intransitivos) como por ejemplo: say (decir), think (pensar), suppose (suponer), know (saber/conocer), expect (esperar), consider … THE PASSIVE VOICE - INGLÉS the active sentence into a passive one in two ways: a. by making the indirect (animate) object the subject of the passive voice sentence, which is also the way that we usually prefer. b. By making the direct (inanimate) object the subject of the passive voice. Rick gave me (indirect object) this book (direct object). I was given this book by Rick. English Exercises: FINAL TEST - 2º BACHILLERATO passive voice exercise. This is the final test for my students of 2º Bachillerato. I hope you enjoy it English Exercises > passive voice exercises. FINAL TEST - 2º BACHILLERATO. Downloadable worksheets: Introducing the "Passive Voice" (1) - Basic rules for Upper elementary and Intermediate students

REPORTED SPEECH EXERCISES + KEY (2º BACHILLERATO) Exercise 1. REPORTED SPEECH - Change the following sentences into Reported or Direct Speech. Exercise 1. Solutions. Exercise 2. Repo Exercise 5 - Passive and Causative Passive and Causative: Home Use of Passive and Causative Notes on Passive Forming Causative Overview of Active, Passive and Causative Formation Exercise 5. Forming Causatives Gap-fill exercise. Rewrite the sentences, using the appropriate causative form. 2. Gary asked someone to translate the article for him. Gary . 3. Did the INSPIRATION 3 Worksheet 2 - MacMillan INSPIRATION 3 Worksheet 2 Present simple passive • The present simple passive is formed with the present tense of the verb be (is and are) + the past participle: Englishis taughtin school. • We use by + noun when we want to say who does the action: English is taught in …

2. Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Simple. a. My car. (repair) last  MODAL PERFECT exercises pdf + solutions D. PASSIVE VOICE (REPORTING VERBS) +SOLUTIONS (++HIGH) 2º BACHILLERATO (CURSO 2017/18) CONDITIONAL CLAUSES and WISH 2º Bachillerato and key.docx (19963) CONDITIONALS 2.pdf (800,6 kB) passive-voice-complete.pdf (34597). 27 Mar 2018 Presentation (.ppt / .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Passive Voice Grammar info for 2º Bachillerato. 30 Apr 2012 2 OBJECTSA Jane gave Mary a ring ( This is the most common) S V IO DO Jane gave a ring TO Mary S V DO IOP Mary was given a ring  Passive Voice Part 2: المبني للمجهول : Passive Voice. تنقسم أنواع الجملة الإنجليزية إلى نوعين اثنين :.

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El Blog para 2º Bachillerato: THE PASSIVE VOICE El Blog para 2º Bachillerato THE PASSIVE VOICE Click here to have a look at the activities on the Passive Voice which we did in class. You can find the answers to the activities above in this Power Point Presentation: The following presentation will give you some practice with: the CAUSATIVE HAVE and the passive with REPORTING VERB: GRAMMAR REVISION | English for Bachillerato Here you have resources to PRINT in order to revise your grammar: An easier one to revise the contents you have studied at ESO: Grammar revision worksheet-SECONDARY.pdf This document has a Bachillerato level and it will be used in class this year: GRAMMAR Worksheet.pdf 2ºbach SUBORDINADAS DESPITE exercises IMPERSONAL PASSIVE -

It + passive + that-clause 2. He is believed to have lied in court. (personal)  Exercise 3  Personal and Impersonal Constructions Gap-fill exercise. Finish the sentences using personal and impersonal passive constructions. Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Re-write the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original.

fromm active to passive answers Chicos aquí tenéis resueltas las 60 primeras oraciones de activa a pasiva para que podáis repasar para el examen de evaluación. FROM ACTIVE TO PASSIVE ANWERS.pdf

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